If you are located in Leicester – we can come and clean your car. There are different types of valeting services. You can choose from a basic valet, mini valet, full valet, depending on the car's condition and your preferences. If you want to see your vehicle as brand new again, then you’d want to choose a full valet. It includes full interior shampoo, the door shuts cleaned and polished, interior vacuumed and dusted, hand wash exterior paintwork and wheels, exterior bodywork polished and waxed sealed, boot and engine bay cleaned, windows cleaned inside and out, chamois dry, tires and exterior plastics silicone dressed, etc. This is just a part of the list of a full valet. In the end, you’ll see your car in a showroom condition.

Benefits of car valeting

First of all, using the services of mobile car valeting will save you much time, energy, and, believe it or not, money! You probably don’t have the time to wash your car by yourself every day or every week. Imagine how much energy you have to put into it. Not talking about the gallons of water you’ll spend in order to get your car clean. Mobile car valeting in Leicester can come wherever you want. You just need to book an appointment, and then we’ll do the hard work for you. That’s right! While you’re watching TV, reading a book, or whatever else you want to do, we’ll be at your doorstep, taking care of your precious car.

Now, we also mentioned money. You may be wondering how car detailing can save you money. It’s simple. If you use the services of a car detailing company regularly, this will save you money in the long run. While the lifespan increases, the chances of repairing your vehicle from time to time are minimized. Moreover, the engine is also part of the cleaning process. The professionals, like mobile car valeting Leicester, take care of your car’s engine. By doing so, you will spend less money for gas, because it will run efficiently and smoothly. Another plus on the performance of your vehicle is the headlight restoration, which improves the intensity of the lights.

Cars are often referred to as the 'second biggest investment' we are likely to make in our lives, behind purchasing a home. Unfortunately, whereas our homes are likely to increase in value over time, vehicles depreciate at a steady and sometimes alarming rate. Therefore, one of the most effective methods of protecting your investment is to protect all areas of your car, including the mechanics, bodywork and interior. And this is where valeting and detailing comes in.... Valeting your car is a higher level of care and protection than performing a simple car wash. While cheap car washes, hand washes and cheap chemicals can remove dirt quickly, they may damage your vehicle with prolonged use. Professional valeters and detailers use industry-recognised techniques to both clean and protect your car, even with regular cleaning, thus reducing the appearance of fine scratches, swirl marks and faded bodywork. In addition, sealing and waxing the bodywork increases durability and permanence to your car's appearance, while on the inside, vinyl treatment, dressings, shampoos and steam cleaning can improve your car's cleanliness and overall appearance.

Why Choose Us?

20 Years of Experience – The Dent Alert team have been providing their services for car detailing and all other automotive services for many years. We have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the sector and continue to build on our knowledge every day. All of our team are dedicated to giving their ultimate best in every job taken on.

Free Quotation – As part of our car bodyworks in Leicester, we can provide you with a free quotation for an affordable and competitive price. Our helpful team will answer any questions you might have regarding the process or concerns, giving you peace of mind. The quotation is arranged around you and your schedule, so you can simply give us a call or bring your car directly to us and we’d be happy to help.

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