Dent-Alert pride themselves in offering high-quality car dent removals in Leicester for extremely competitive prices. We use different methods to completely remove the dent depending on the how deep and severe the dent is. For the minor dents caused by things such as trollies or a car park incident, Dent-Alert uses paintless dent removal. Paintless dent removal involves completely eliminating dents and dings without the need for paint. This is the current cutting edge method, which not only works brilliantly but also there is no need to worry about finding matching paint.

Our team have repaired hundreds of cars and seen dents of all extents. No dent is too big or impossible for our team, we have over 20 years of experience offering our expertise in car dent removals in Leicester. Plus, we give free quotations for all of our services so you never have any nasty surprises, we stick to the reasonable price we quote.

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The most common causes of dent we get from our customers are other drivers opening their doors onto yours, trolleys hitting the back or minor collisions when reversing into parking spaces. Whatever the cause, it leaves your car looking less attractive and can be a pain to look at every time you use it. Furthermore, dents can have a financial impact in the future if you hope to sell it. We can return your car to its former glory for an affordable price and restore the value of your car for the future.

As part of our services we offer, we can ensure you have to do little work as possible! We have a mobile service so we can come to you at home or even at work. Our highly-equipped technicians bring all the special tools required to provide the same first class service we would at our workshop. Dent-Alert offer a lifetime warranty of free repairs as a quality assurance, so on the rare occasion the work carried out is not carried out perfectly, then we will repair your car again for no extra charges.

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Onsite Repairs – Our team offer their service for car dent removals in Leicester right at our workshop. We have the tools, skill and knowledge to completely remove the dents from your car within a short amount of time and you can usually take your car away the same day.

Lifetime Free Repairs Warranty – We are dedicated to completing dent removal in Leicester and any other services we offer to the best possible quality. However, as a quality assurance, we offer a lifetime warranty on free repairs if there is the off chance that a job is not completed to a high standard. Give us a call or bring your car onsite and we will arrange to redo the repair as soon as possible.

20 Years of Experience – The Dent-Alert team have over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector offering their professional services for everything from scratch removals, car spray painting to car detailing and body repairs in Leicester. We continue to build our knowledge every day so we can give you the best possible experience.

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